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What makes pattern imprinted concrete driveways better than other kinds, such as block paving?

How long does it take you to lay a driveway?

For an average sized house, the process usually takes about a week. See our Installation page for more details of what is involved.

Harestone Driveways, Aberdeen Scotland What sort of maintenance is required?

We recommend that driveways are re-sealed every 3 - 5 years to add years to their life span as well as aesthetically enhancing the appearance of your property. Contact us for more details.

The company that laid my driveway has gone out of business and I need some maintenance work done. Does Harestone Driveways provide a service for driveways fitted by other companies?

We are happy to assist with resealing, power washing and other driveway maintenance for driveways, patios, etc that have been fitted by ourselves or by other companies.

How many colours and patterns are available?

There are 23 main colours and many pattern designs available, (see designs section for colours and patterns). We can also lighten or darken colours using release agents giving even more colours to choose from. We will be happy to visit you to show samples and photographs, and can also provide local addresses where you can see finished examples in a variety of colours and patterns.

If pattern imprinted concrete is superior to other types of paving, is it much more expensive?
Whilst it can be slightly more expensive to install than other driveway types, it works out much more cost effective in the long run, as it is virtually maintenance free and will retain an as-new appearance and condition much longer than traditional driveway surfaces.