Harestone Driveways Aberdeen Scotland
Harestone Driveways Aberdeen
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Driveways installation 1Driveways installation 2

Stage 1
Preparation of site -
Existing area excavated to minimum of 4" and compacted as necessary, with hardcore.

Stage 2
Perimeter area shuttered and levels set

Driveways installation 4Driveways installation 3

Stage 3
Concrete poured to minimum thickness of 4" for driveways and 3" for patios & pathways. Concrete levelled & bull floated to ensure even surface.

Stage 4

Chosen colour of hardener applied

Driveways installation 5Driveways installation 6

Stage 5

Release agent applied to aid separation of imprint mats.

Stage 6

Area imprinted with your chosen pattern

Driveways installation 7Driveways installation 8

Stage 7

Release agent washed off

Stage 8

Acid wash

Driveways installation 9Driveways installation 10

Stage 9

Cutting of expansion joints

Stage 10

Expansion joints silicon filled and rhino-grip anti skid acrylic sealer applied to whole surface